La Parisienne Tranquilla fabric softener sheets 80 sheets X 6

Sani Choice

regular price $ 42.95

Case format: 6 boxes of 80 sheets

La Parisienne dryer sheets combine pleasure and effectiveness. They provide remarkable flexibility while eliminating static electricity. Let yourself be enveloped by the soft comforting scent of Tranquilia fragrance – A sweet and enveloping scent of lotus, bamboo and honey with a hint of vanilla for a laundry with an exotic and comforting softness.

  • Gentle Comfort formula providing remarkable suppleness
  • Sweet comforting scent
  • Static Electricity Control


La Parisienne fabric softener sheets can also be used to freshen up and get rid of bad odors everywhere.

Simply put a fabric softener sheet in closed places or places that need a bit of freshness:

  • In drawers and wardrobes so your clothes always smell good.

  • In the bottom of the laundry basket to hide bad smells.

  • In shoes and sports shoes.

  • In the suitcases before putting them away so that they retain a fresh smell.

  • Under a seat in your car to hide bad smells.

Try these tips at home to leave a sweet scent everywhere you want!