Blue Calfskin - Pair

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MEDIUM 8-9 (Black)   /   LARGE 10-12 (Blue)    /    X-LARGE 13  (Black)

The Chausse-Tout is an ultra practical product that facilitates the task of entering the house without taking off your boots or shoes.

Instead of taking your shoes off to enter the house for a few minutes, putting a shoe over your boots and shoes is much easier and saves you time and protects your floors and carpets.

They are very soft but very strong! The sole is non-slip so there is no worry of slipping on any surface.

The Chausse-Tout come in multiple sizes such as Small-Medium-Large and X-Large in blue or black.

We can also make custom orders in any colors and fabrics of your choice (minimum quantity required). Refer to the retailer in your area.

• 14 oz absorbent fleece

• Evaporates for fast drying

• Is fixed to the boot for better freedom

• Non-slip vinyl sole for increased safety

• Can be used with all models of boots and shoes

• Machine washable and dryable

• Lightweight and foldable, compacts to fit in a pocket