Powerful degreaser FD-30 *CASE 4 X 4L


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FORMAT: 4 X 4 Liters or 20 Liters

FD-30 is an extremely powerful butyl based cleaner and degreaser for the most demanding degreasing. Its rapid action removes ink, soot, carbon, grease, wax, stains, dirt, oil and stains of all kinds from all washable surfaces. It is also an excellent floor finish stripper, it foams little. An ideal product for automatic scrubbers

1. Extremely powerful
2. Removes all kinds of stains from all kinds of surfaces
3. Also acts as a super remover
4. Ideal for automatic scrubbers


As an all-purpose cleaner: 1 part to 40 to 80 parts water

As a degreaser / stripper: 1 part for 16 to 40 parts of water