Powerful degreaser Ecolomax 4 X 4L


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ECOLOMAX is an extremely efficient antibacterial degreasing cleaner for the most demanding degreasing. Its fast and super powerful action allows it to absorb, emulsify and remove ink, soot, carbon, grease, wax, stains, dirt, oil, black streaks, dark circles and stains of all kinds on all washable surfaces without risk damage the finish! For industrial or residential use, indoors and outdoors (bricks, aluminum, PVC, vinyl, fiberglass, marble, melamine), paving stones, swimming pools, spas, hardwood or floating floors, all types fabric covering (armchair, chair), appliances, kitchen hood, floor covering (linoleum, ceramic, carpet), electronic filter, sporting goods, all types of vehicles (car, truck, motorized, boat, motorcycle, ATV , snowmobile), heavy machinery, engine, machined parts, tires, alloy or spoked wheels and car interiors. It can also be used as a drain and pipe sanitizer, fabric stain remover and laundry water softener. The only cleaner you need for all your jobs!

1. It is biodegradable, phosphate-free and environmentally friendly.
2. Not flammable.
3. Super powerful degreasing cleaner that easily dissolves dirt of all kinds on all types of finishes without damaging it.
4. Safe for fabrics and upholstery.
5. The one cleaner for all jobs.