Tork 72% foam hand sanitizer CASE 6 X 1L


regular price $ 129.99

6 x 950ml cartridges per case

1 cartridge = 1666 doses


Very economical solution in the short and long term.

Containing 72% alcohol, Tork Premium Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer is a great addition for more effective hand hygiene, quickly sanitizing hands without water. An ideal choice for medical environments with critical needs, as well as food processing and preparation. Product compatible with Tork skin care soap and sanitizer dispensers, featuring a proven user-friendly design that supports hand hygiene for all visitors.
  • Unique pump with innovative technology prevents the dispenser from dripping or clogging
  • Large capacity – consumption control avoiding excessive use
  • Easy-to-use certification: airtight bottles prevent the dispenser from dripping, allowing quick and easy refilling
  • Bottle is recyclable and compresses as contents are used, reducing waste
  • 72% alcohol minimum for medical environments with critical needs: healthcare, food processing and preparation.