Aerosol air freshener 198gr

Sani Choice

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Add a little fragrance for a pleasant smell and refresh any room with fragrances scientifically designed to eliminate tough odors caused by personal and environmental conditions.
This dry formula helps eliminate fallout on countertops and floors. Eliminates
eliminates smoke and other bad odors with time-lapse spray. Shelf life of more than 30 days.

- Metered air freshener with Ordenone™ odor neutralizer.
- Releases odor-fighting fragrance with every puff to eliminate bad smells.
- Effective in spaces up to 6 cubic feet.
- Contains over 3 doses of fragrance.
- Adapts to most dose aerosols.

Restrooms, offices, hotel rooms, schools, warehouses, meeting rooms, hospitality, country clubs, nursing homes, food services,
Common areas, lobbies, entrances.