Dishwashing detergent "2 in 1" 4 X 4L

Sani Choice

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Box format: 4 x 4 Liters

VH52V/BIOLUXE is a high quality, concentrated 2 in 1 product. Not only does it clean your dishes effectively, but it is also an excellent hand or multi-purpose cleaner. It produces a rich, abundant lather that leaves dishes sparkling clean while remaining gentle on hands. It gently cleans smooth shiny leather, vinyl and all painted (automotive) or unpainted surfaces. Powerful enough to wash doors, walls, tiles, wood or linoleum floors, it will make windows and mirrors shine. Made in Quebec. 

1. Liquid green detergent with pleasant smell. 

2. It is biodegradable, phosphate free and environmentally safe. 

3. It has a remarkable degreasing power, even on intense stains. 

4. Produces a rich and abundant lather. Easy to rinse off and gentle on hands.