TEAR-N-DRY hand dispenser with stainless steel


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San Jamar T1370BKSS

This San Jamar T1370BKSS Tear-N-Dry Summit Hands-Free Roll Towel Dispenser delivers 10" paper portions every time without delay to promote speed, efficiency, and sanitary conditions in any restroom! This affordable dispenser and low-maintenance has one of the longest battery life cycles in the industry so you'll rarely experience downtime, and Tear-N-Dry is simple to install. Just mount, load paper and you're good to go!

The San Jamar T1370BKSS Hands-Free Tear-N-Dry Roll Towel Dispenser not only accommodates an 8" wide roll of towels with up to 8" in diameter and a core diameter of 1 1/2", but can also hold an extra roll at 4" in diameter! The Infinity System automatic transfer system eliminates stub roll waste, using every last sheet before moving onto the main roll. This dispenser can dispense any grade of paper, from light weight rolls to highly absorbent premium paper. Made of durable impact resistant plastic with a sleek black/stainless steel look color combination, this attractive dispenser combines design and technology for a beautiful, reliable and efficient dispensing option.

Width: 12 1/4"
Depth: 9 1/8"
Height: 15 5/8"