Tean-N-Dry Gasoline Universal Electronic Dispenser

Sani Choice

regular price $ 119.95

Compatible with any standard roll paper, this dispenser gives you the flexibility to choose the economy brand of hand paper of your choice! This means big savings in the short, medium and long term!

Enjoy efficient and reliable electronic towel dispensing in a compact size with Tear-N-Dry Essence™. The Tear–N–Dry Essence™ consistently dispenses 10" paper portions without waiting, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic environments. This affordable, low-maintenance dispenser has the longest battery life industry standard. And it's simple to install. Just mount, load paper and you're good to go.


Reduces paper waste

Consistently dispenses standard 10" paper without waiting
Large capacity compact dispenser
Durable and economical
Impact resistant plastic construction