Soap / antibacterial gel dispenser 880ml


regular price $ 29.95

Dispenser that works with liquid soap or antibacterial gel. Made of sturdy plastic. Easy to mount.

30oz / 880ml

Economical because it fills with any bulk soap! Big savings in the short, medium and long term!

San Jamar 30TBK

Easily outfit all your handwashing stations with soap by installing this San Jamar S30TBK bulk soap dispenser.

Promote good handwashing techniques by providing soap in an easy-to-use dispenser. Perfect for a variety of locations, from hand washing stations for food prep to public school restrooms, the unit is built to withstand heavy, regular use. Its rugged design combines with its ease of use to provide the convenience and reliability you and your guests, clients, employees, clients or students need and expect. Plus, because it's quick and easy to install, the dispenser can be added to any sink at any time!