Tork Foam Soap Dispenser


Reduced price $ 14.99 regular price $ 25.99

Dispenser with pusher for Tork foam soap  . Available in black or white. Foam soap provides 4x more hand washes than a liquid soap system.

2500 doses per cartridge

Striking the perfect balance of luxury and value, our closed-case Tork Elevation® Manual Foam Soap Systems deliver controlled doses of highly concentrated foam soap. This new system provides almost four times more hand washes per refill than a liquid soap system, while providing a unique, luxurious, refreshing and hygienic experience. Controlled use, letting out 0,4 ml per dose. Minimal maintenance, refills install easily and quickly. Higher number of hand washes per refill and large capacity reducing usage costs - Self-contained bottles that collapse on themselves reducing the risk of contamination and guaranteeing the use of all the product. Complies with standards for people with disabilities. Also available in black (571508).