Universal Hand Soap/Gel Dispenser Stainless Steel 1.1L


regular price $ 75.95


Location: The surface mount dispenser can be attached to all types of walls and materials.

Special features: 20 gauge, type 304 stainless steel, drawn and welded. Filling from above. Key filler cap. Lucite level indicator light. Hidden mounting screws.

Types of soap: 708A can be used with liquid soap, in a 10 to 20% solution, as well as with more viscous synthetic detergents, lotions and antiseptic soaps.

Capacity: 1,1 liters.

Installation: Fix the mounting plate to the wall, by its holes using the four screws included. Slide the distributor on the plate and secure it using the screw passing through the top filter cover.

Shipping Size: 21,6" Height x 15,24" Depth x 15,24" Width
Shipping weight: 1,1 kg. (2.5 lbs)