Bathroom and tile cleaner *6 X 950ML


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Sold by Case 6 x 950 ml

Ready to use. Fresh scent
Suitable for food factories in Canada
EcoLogo UL 2759 certified

Safeblend Bathroom, Tile, Tub & Bowl Cleaner is designed to safely clean, deodorize and shine most washable bathroom surfaces: ceramic tiles, porcelain and fiberglass toilet bowls and urinals glass, bathtubs and showers, counters, faucets and fittings in chrome, aluminum and stainless steel. It easily removes soap scum, urine, hard water, rust, limescale, scale, mold and other bathroom grime. It does not contain any corrosive acids or bleaches.

DIRECTIONS: For best results, spray cleaner onto dirty surface and wipe clean with sponge, scouring pad, mop, toilet brush, a cloth. Rinse thoroughly with water. For stubborn stains, allow product to sit longer before wiping.

NOTE: Before using, test on an inconspicuous surface. Do not use on marble or stone. Any surface in direct contact with food should be rinsed well with potable water before reuse.

STORAGE: Store in a tightly closed container in a cool, dry place. Do not store with food. Avoid freezing.