303-3NL wall-mounted stainless steel bin 50L

Sani Choice

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The 303 wall-mounted waste bin is designed to take up minimal space in medium to low traffic areas.

Features: Entirely made of steel, it offers maximum protection against fires because it has no opening other than the spring-loaded hermetic lid, limiting the entry of oxygen. The use of the optional galvanized tray provides additional protection against fire. Standard bag holder device included.

Material: All welded construction of 22 gauge stainless steel type. Optional lightweight 22 gauge galvanized steel liner for additional fire protection. The product has a white epoxy powder finish.

Weight: 9kg. (20 lbs.)

Dimensions: 83,82 cm H x 20,32 cm D x 38,74 cm W

Capacity: 50 liters (11 gal), 9 kg (20 lbs)

Recommended bag dimensions: 26" x 36"

Installation: In order to guarantee free access assembly, make sure not to place the center of the flap more than 1,20 m (48 in) from the ground.

Manufacturer Frost #303-3nl