Recessed bin for sanitary napkins

Sani Choice

regular price $ 84.95

Location: This trash can can be attached to all types of walls and materials, at least 10 cm (4 in) thick.

Special features: Door covers everything. Recessed, easy-to-clean handle on top. Bin completely removable for easy maintenance.

Material: 304 gauge type 22 stainless steel door and bin, #4 brushed finish. Fully removable bin. Self-closing door by counterweight and fixed to the recessed box. Rustproof galvanized steel housing.

Shipping weight: 2,5 kg (6 lb) each.

Installation: Provide an opening in the wall 23 cm (9 in) high, 15 cm (5 7/8 in) wide and 10,2 cm (4 in) deep. Drill the necessary mounting holes in the enclosure. To facilitate wheelchair access, the top of the bin should not be placed higher than 120 cm (48 in.) from the floor. Place the bilingual “Trash can for towels” label on the underside, on the front of the appliance.

Frost #633-2