Treatment for drains and grease BIOTRAP 4L

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Biotrap is a highly concentrated blend of natural biological destroyers, specially formulated for the treatment of grease interceptors and attached drains. The beneficial bacteria contained in this formula efficiently and continuously digest oils, grease and other organic residues, which greatly reduces the accumulation of grease, allows for longer oil changes and controls odors. Can be used manually with automatic dosing and micro-aeration systems. BIOTRAP is an ecological product, safe for the user because it does not contain any caustic, acidic or corrosive product. It therefore does not damage ceramics, metals and plastics in order to optimize the life of the grease interceptor and the pipes.

1. It is biodegradable, contains no phosphates, or harmful caustic and acidic agents.
2. Effectively controls fatty deposits.
3. Entirely made from natural and biotechnological products.
4. Safe for septic tanks and for the user.